Part One

Upset with the passing of her father Riley Reid immerses herself in a book of truths about her families past. Riley reads on, beginning to feel confused and lethargic, her world literally moving with objects flying off her table, transporting her back into time, where it all began!
Flashback / Part One

Part Two

After finding her in the house, Nickey Huntsman invites Riley Reid to join her and the others for a bacchanal foursome but Riley quickly declines. Not giving up, Nickey adamantly leans in to kiss her and teach her things she would have never dreamed of!
Flashback / Part Two

Part Three

Riley Reid wakes up with confusion in her heart, taking in everything that happened. She's confused and overwhelmed thinking that she is going crazy for believing that any of what just happened could be true. Riley knows she needs answers from her dear mother, Ashley Fires.
Flashback / Part Three