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MISSING: A Lesbian Crime Story

A Sexy Life Review: ‘MISSING: A Lesbian Crime Story’ – A girlsway Feature Film

Dirty doesn’t begin to describe ‘MISSING: A Lesbian Crime Story‘. Anita Sharpe (Kendra James) won’t rest until she has drank the essence of every lesbian on the plant. Really…

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The Business of Women

A Sexy Life Review: ‘The Business of Women’ – A girlsway Feature Film

While I have never been a fan of dom/sub, ‘The Business of Women‘ blends beautiful women, a solid story, and hot sex into a set that has easily become one of my favorite lesbian features of all time.

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A Wife's Affair

A Sexy Life Review: ‘A Wife’s Affair’ – A girlsway Feature Film

‘A Wife’s Affair‘ played two roles. It was not only the prequel (of sorts) to ‘The Business of Women‘, but it was the pilot for the GirlsWay.com Network. Man did they start off with a bang. The first and fourth scenes are more than worth the price of admission.

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