Part One

Cassidy Banks scrubs the bathroom floor with a toothbrush, and is fed up being treated like garbage by her sorority sisters. Kiera Nicole lends a hand and says if Cassidy wants to advance in the sorority house, she's gonna have to help out with sexual favors!
Sorority Sister Showdown / Part One

Part Two

Adriana Sephora reminds Kiera Nicole that all the girls went through hell here, so the newbies will just have to go through it too if they want to live in this house. Kiera reminds Adriana that she pulled some strings and was on top of the sisterhood.
Sorority Sister Showdown / Part Two

Part Three

Head of the sorority, Abby Lee Brazil, demands Cassidy Banks get her shit together. Abby is furious, Cassidy can't even clean the pool balls correctly without scuffing the table. The only solution is to put the young pledge in her place.
Sorority Sister Showdown / Part Three

Part Four

It didn't seem like Abby Lee Brazil took what Adriana Sephora had to say to heart, being nonchalant and denying any wrong doing. Adriana has had enough of Abby acting like she was the boss around here, and needs to teach her a lesson and show her where she stands.
Sorority Sister Showdown / Part Four