The Date

India Summer waits patiently for her date. When Samantha Rone arrives she explains that she is in charge. Samantha nods gently. India gives her a studded white colar to signify her ownership. India's controlling energy envelopes Samantha, tearing her into India's fold, never to look back.
The Business of Women / Part One / The Date


Swallowing her pride, Charlotte Stokley gets back to work trying to redeem herself. India Summer orders Charlotte to teach Samantha Rone the business. India feels Charlotte and Samantha both need a lesson of respect in the bedroom.
The Business of Women / Part Two / Homecoming

The Secret

Charlotte Stokley's precision knowledge of India's inner workings proves useful for mastermind Vanessa Veracruz and the doting Abigail Mac, whose massage techniques are always put to good use. Ms. Veracruz spins a plan so vicious that it will result in India's inevitable ruin.
The Business of Women / Part Three / The Secret

Taking The Bait

It's not long before Vanessa Veracruz finds her and initiates her plan for seduction. Shyla Jennings is unwittingly innocent to the inner workings of Vanessa's work. Within minutes Shyla is convinced to join Ms. Veracruz against her stepmother.
The Business of Women / Part Four / Taking The Bait

The Struggle

Samantha Rone takes the bait, following India's every order. Pouring a bath for Shyla Jennings and undressing her. They take turns being dominate until Samantha uses her training to show Shyla what her stepmother has taught her.
The Business of Women / Part Five / The Struggle

The Showdown

Vanessa Veracruz flaunts her jewels. She has India Summer's daughter, her last girl, her business, and seemingly the upper hand. India sits in silence, tantalized while savoring the mockery Vanessa is making of herself. Vanessa orders her girls to put on a show for 'Mommy.'
The Business of Women / Part Six / The Showdown