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From Directors Bree Mills and Stills by Alan, THE FACES OF ALICE: A LESBIAN COMEDY is the story of a closeted college student who strikes an unusual deal with the gods to try and win her ‘out & proud’ ex back. When she wakes up the next day to discover she’s been possessed by horny lesbian stereotypes, hilarity and hot, wet girl-on- girl sex ensues. In the end, she must discover through the help of her peers that being the ‘ultimate lesbian” really just means being yourself!

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The Faces Of Alice / Part One

Part One

Alice (Sara Luvv) is a closeted lesbian. Dina (Bree Daniels) is a rights activist. The girls are in a relationship, but Alice has a problem with Dina's openness about her sexuality. Alice is afraid their photos will be published and everyone will know that she licks pussy and likes it.
The Faces Of Alice / Part Two

Part Two

Alice (Sara Luvv) is beside herself with grief over her breakup. She meets with a counselor named Ellen (Serena Blair). Ellen invites Alice to join her lesbian power circle, where they conjure Pagan spells to promote love and soul prosperity.
The Faces Of Alice / Part Three

Part Three

Alice's (Sara Luvv) head is aching and she fights to keep herself from blacking out. But the strangest sensation seizes her, another personality is trying to break free. She calls herself Al, and makes herself at home in Alice's tight little body. Al has tons of game, and no patience for bullshit hair and makeup.
The Faces Of Alice / Part Four

Part Four

Alice (Sara Luvv) is tormented by the voices in her head. Al has sexual urges that make her personality harder to suppress. So, Al lines up a day's worth of pussy (Jenna Sativa, Charlotte Stokely, Abigail Mac). Before she can finish fucking them all, Al blacks out.
The Faces Of Alice / Part Five

Part Five

Alice (Sara Luvv) finishes fucking Ellen (Serena Blair) and leaves her trapped in the closet at home to head to the Sacred Circle meeting. Alice is now completely eclipsed by her inner lesbians, butch Al and lipstick lesbian Alicia. And those troublemakers are late.